Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Psalm 82:3

What if there are children who will suffer somehow because I failed to obey God?
What if my cowardice costs even one child somewhere in the world his or her life?
(excerpt from The Hole in Our Gospel)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yesterday's Adventures

Yesterday was a full day and lots of "hurry up and wait".  As a result, we came back to the guest house after two kids fell asleep in the van and put in a movie until our eyes couldn't stay open any longer. post last night (so sorry!).

We went to Korah (that's where all the sheets we brought with us went) and visited for a short time.  Kyle became a chin-up bar for the kids until his arms gave way.  Chelsea and Jared made some new friends and Habtamu was the only one who understood what some of the kids were asking.  I know for a fact that my kids have never seen poverty like this before.  Jared told me later in the day that he wonders why he was lucky and got to be born in the U.S.  Good question!  That's one I ask myself all the time too.  Chelsea was cute and I don't think she realized she was actually "visiting orphans" until I told her that some of the kids we met today may not have a mom or a dad any more.  She thought it was so sad that kids who were that little and that sweet didn't have a parent.  One little girl (the one in the very dirty red dress) didn't let go of her hand the entire time we were there.  Chels even went and sat in a ditch with the kids who led her to a "seat".  She said some girls were all talking and she thought they asked her a question, but she didn't know for sure.  She then told me, "So I just shook my head "no" and then they all started laughing at me.  I wonder what the question was?" 

This would be the trash dump these children and their families rely on for basic necessities. 

And this would be the hotel that has the best trash.  And after we visited Korah, we actually took the kids swimming at the Sheraton.  It felt sureal to go from "rags to riches", literally, and Kyle and I tried to not feel too guilty about it. 


It may not be Chili's but we got some great advice on where to go for dinner.  Island Breeze.  It has American dishes that are cooked as close to American-like as possible.  Jared loved his double cheese something-or-other.  We even had chips and salsa...and apparently Habtamu loves spicey.  Corey, I think you're going to have to share your favorite salsa with your new brother :o)

We went out for breakfast this morning (Saturday) and Habtamu ordered a fajita.  I guess that's not unusual???  Miranda...I think you will have some competition for who can eat the most :o)

The other two kids had hot chocolate with their breakfast (minus the chocolate, according to Jared), and it was very pretty on the top. 

Kyle and I had latte's and look at the milk!  We decided it was our anniversary gift to one another since tomorrow we'll be celebrating it on an airplane. 

Happy 17 years together :o) tomorrow!

We're going to pack up this afternoon after we go to a movie.  Yes, you read that right.  There is a movie theater in the "mall" and we're going to see MIB3.  It's in English - or so they say!

 Here is Kaldi's, which is the Ethiopian Starbucks.

And as Jared and Kyle came home from one last trip to the bank to exchange money (again), a salamander fell from the sky.  Literally.  Guess it scared them...and no, it didn't die.  I hear it was stunned, but it survived the fall from wherever! 

This is the last post until we get to D.C.  When we landed in Africa everyone clapped on the plane and Jared thought that was interesting.  He told me today that when we land in DC, he'll be the one clapping the loudest. 

All the kids continue to be doing great, and only minor tummy aches come from time to time, but they go away within a few hours.  We are thanking God for that!

See you all in America in a day or two-ish! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great gift and blessing you get to bring home:)

  2. I love you mom & dad. We missed you a lot. Love, MJ

    How was MIB3? :( Love, Corey

    Happy Anniversary to you 2 on Sunday. We saw Madagascar 3 today! hahaha Love, Mom

  3. Happy Anniversary! Praying for a safe trip back home for you all!